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Title and Description:

Technical Guidance for the Design of Offshore Aquaculture Installations in the Gulf of Mexico

This document will assist Gulf Aquaculture Permit program applicants in meeting NMFS' needs related to reviewing the structural integrity and ability of proposed aquaculture systems to withstand physical stresses associated with major storm events. Specifically, the document describes the data, information, and analyses that NMFS will request when making such a determination, including information on general site characteristics, system layout, system analysis and loading, individual component specifications, auxiliary equipment, and deployment and operations protocols.

ID381 Info. Type:  ISI
Estimated Dissemination Date: 3/1/2018
Contact Person:Michael Liddel NOAA Locator

Date First Posted in Peer Review Agenda: 1/12/2018
Estimated Peer Review Start Date: 1/16/2018
Review type:
Individual letters
Number of reviewers:

Peer reviewers: The agency.

Will the public, including scientific or professional societies, be asked to nominate potential peer reviewers? no

Will there be opportunities for the public to comment on the work product to be peer reviewed? no

How and When? NA

Will the agency provide significant and relevant public comments to the peer reviewers before they conduct their review? no.

Primary disciplines or expertise needed in the review: Ocean and Marine Engineering, Structural Engineering, Structural Integrity of Offshore Aquaculture Systems, including Pens, Cages, Anchoring and Mooring Components

Charge to peer reviewers

Peer review report

NMFS response to peer review report

Final work product (still in draft)