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Title and Description:

2017 Stock Assessment Review (STAR) panel for California scorpionfish and blue/deacon rockfish

These assessments report the status of the California scorpionfish and blue/deacon rockfish resources along the west coast of the United States using statistical population models. Specifically, the information includes a determination of the condition and status of the fishery resource relative to current definitions for overfished status, a summary of available data included in the model, impacts of various management scenarios on the status of the stocks, and recovery trajectories for those stocks determined to be overfished. The information is provided to the Pacific Fishery Management Council and NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service to be used as the basis of their management decisions, which are subsequently approved and disseminated by the Secretary of Commerce through NOAA and NMFS.
The Stock Assessment Review (STAR) meeting is a formal, public, multiple-day meeting of stock assessment experts from the US and abroad who serve as a peer-review panel for the stock assessments. The STAR process is a key element in an overall process designed to make timely use of new fishery and survey data, to analyze and understand these data as completely as possible, to provide opportunity for public comment, and to assure the best available science is used to inform management decisions.

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Estimated Dissemination Date: 8/23/2017
Actual Dissemination Date: 8/30/2017
Contact Person:Michael Liddel NOAA Locator

Date First Posted in Peer Review Agenda: 4/28/2017
Estimated Peer Review Start Date: 7/24/2017
Review type:
Number of reviewers:

Peer reviewers: Reviewers will be selected by the agency and an outside agency: Center for Independent Experts will select two reviewers to participate in the STAR panel.

Will the public, including scientific or professional societies, be asked to nominate potential peer reviewers? no

Will there be opportunities for the public to comment on the work product to be peer reviewed? yes

How and When?

The review of the stock assessments for California scorpionfish and blue/deacon rockfish will take place during STAR Panel meeting in Santa Cruz, California. Hard copies of the draft stock assessment report will be available to the public at the meeting. Public comment and testimony can be given during the five-day review panel which is open to the public. The STAR panel meetings are noticed in the Federal Register and meeting announcements distributed by the Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC). Opportunities for public comment are also available during the PFMC's Scientific and Statistical Committee's (SSC) final review of the stock assessment following approval by the STAR Panel and during Pacific Fishery Management Council meeting. The SSC's review and well as the Council meeting are open to the public.

Will the agency provide significant and relevant public comments to the peer reviewers before they conduct their review? yes.

Primary disciplines or expertise needed in the review: Reviewers will have expertise in fish population dynamics with experience in the integrated analysis type of modeling approach, using age-and size-structured models, use of MCMC to develop confidence intervals, and use of Generalized Linear Models to process survey and logbook data for use in assessment models.

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