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Peer Review Plans

Title and Description:

2014 Arctic Report Card

Issued annually, the Arctic Report Card is a timely source for clear, reliable and concise environmental information on the state of the Arctic, relative to historical time series records. Material is prepared by an international team of scientists. The audience for the Arctic Report Card is wide, including scientists, students, teachers, decision makers and the general public interested in Arctic environment and science. The web-based format facilitates timely updates of the content. Some of the essays are based upon updates to articles in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society State of the Climate.

ID: 268 Info. Type:  ISI
Estimated Dissemination Date: 12/12/2014
Actual Dissemination Date: 12/8/2014
Contact Person: Patricia Hathaway NOAA Locator

Date First Posted in Peer Review Agenda: 7/9/2014

Estimated Peer Review Start Date: 9/1/2014
Review type: Individual letters
Expected number of peer reviewers: 4-10
Peer reviewers will be selected by: a designated outside agency

Will the public, including scientific or professional societies, be asked to nominate potential peer reviewers?  yes

Will there be opportunities for the public to comment on the work product to be peer reviewed? yes

How? After dissemination on the web, any external comments will be addressed and the web site updated/

When? After disemmination.

Will the agency provide significant and relevant public comments to the peer reviewers before they conduct their review? no

Primary disciplines or expertise needed in the review: The peer review is conducted by the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP). The Arctic Report Card requires inter-disciplinary reviewers: atmosphere, sea ice, ocean, Greenland, terrestrial, and biological.

Comments on Peer Review:

Charge statement

Final peer review report

Final work product (as of December 17, 2014)