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Your questions and comments are important to us. Ask us about Information Technology in NOAA:  IT policies, portfolio management, infrastructure Shared Services, High Performance Computing, and cloud computing. However, we are unable to answer questions on subjects that are not about IT. If your interest is about weather, charts, satellites, fisheries, oceans, atmosphere, or climate, etc. please peruse from the NOAA Home page to the subject of your interest, and directly contact the point of contact listed on that subject page

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Frequently Asked Questions Our Answers
I have a suggestion, comment, or question about weather - forecasts or extreme weather events, etc.

We forward weather-related questions to the NOAA National Weather Service, at

I would like a copy of NOAA organization charts.

The NOAA OCIO organization chart is at

NOAA is a large and diverse organization in about 600 locations. From the NOAA home page, at, you can navigate to NOAA organizations, at Though, no single page has all the org charts. Each organization typically has an "About" page, where you will find the organization chart for that given office. Here are some org chart examples:

I would like to use an image from your website, in a technical paper or publication... If permission is required, I would be obliged if you would provide it.

The US Government does not copyright its products, so permission to use does not have to be requested. However, we request that NOAA be given credit as the source of imagery or other unaltered information products we generate. In addition, if the image includes a Google Map, kindly retain the Google logo as part of the mapping image, per their Terms of Service with the US Government. See also the National Weather Service statements on usage at

I would like to learn more about the NOAALink Program.

Please visit the NOAALink website at If you have any questions about the program, contact


OCIO Management Contacts

Employee Name Title Office Phone Email Address
Baczkowski, Joseph P. CDR ACIO, OMAO 301-713-7637
Goldstein, Zach CIO, HPCC Director 301-713-9600
Graff, Mark NOAA Privacy Officer 301-628-5658
Hembrook, Robert Director Cyber Security Division 301-628-5778
Indiviglio, Frank Acting Deputy Director High Performance Computing and Communications 301-628-5722
LaVoi, Tony Geospatial Information Officer 843-834-3516
Layton, Dave Chief Enterprise Architect 301-628-5687
Lopez, Mario Director NOAALink Program Office 301-628-5712
Lynch, Anne CAPT Director Homeland Security Office 301-628-5654
Madden, Ann Action Control Specialist 301-713-9600
Marlin, Cheryl Acting ACIO, NOS 240-533-0827
Mentzer, Jim Director Radio Frequency Management 301-628-5649
Michael, Tejuana Acting Director Resource Management Division 301-628-5902
Parker, Irene ACIO, NESDIS 301-713-9220
Perry, Doug Deputy CIO 301-713-9600
Reed, Michelle Chief of Staff 301-628-5725
Shelton, Cameron Director Services Delivery Division 301-628-5721
Swisher, Rob Director Governance and Portfolio Division 301-628-5755
Varghese, Roy ACIO, NMFS 301-427-8828
Varn, Richard ACIO, NWS 301-427-9027
Warren, Jeremy ACIO, OAR 301-734-1110