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Using NOAALink

Is NOAALink mandatory?

Can I go through my field delegate instead of going through NOAALink?

Do I use NOAALink just for IT acquisitions over $100,000?

Do I have to use NOAALink for IT supplies, such as printer cartridges and toner?

Do telecommunications requirements go through NOAALink?

Are High Performance Computing (HPC) requirements in scope of NOAALink?

We have a current contract that has option periods remaining; how are these affected by NOAALink?

Will the NOAALink PO be able to run reports for the Line Offices to tell them how much they spent through NOAALink in each of the IT project categories?

What are NOAA's internal controls for funding approval, certification, and obligation in C.Request?

Do participants receive credit for attending NOAALink training sessions?

Request Submission Process

How is the NOAALink process different from the standard IT acquisition process?

How do equipment purchases work through NOAALink?

How do you go about using ODC money to purchase laptops thru the DOC PC portal?

What is the distinction between NOAALink core contractors and non-core contractors?

How do I get started processing my requirement through NOAALink?

How do I add Contracting Officer Representative (COR) information to my requisition in C.Request?

What is the UNSPSC code and how do I find the code that matches my requirement?

Are there naming standards for Supporting Documents in C.Request?

How do I prepare an accurate Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE)?

Does the new IGCE format provide a place for the program office to describe where they obtained the basis for their estimate and to describe their assumptions?

On the IGCE, do we still use it for a product when it is essentially just one item in one cell?

What number should I use for annual labor hours in my Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE)?

The commit test in C.Request fails for a travel CLIN when I use an object class code starting with 21 and ending in 11. What am I doing wrong?

How do I submit a request?

Where can I get C.Request information and assistance?

How will I know whether to submit my requisition to NLK, my regularly servicing acquisition office, or a field delegate?

How do I submit a request through a field delegate?

Who is my regularly servicing acquisition office?

Please explain NOAALink's review process for the acquisition package.

How much time does the NOAALink review and approval process take before I submit my requisition for acquisition processing?

Must requisitions be rerouted to NPO if accounting codes are changed or funds are added?

After routing through NOAALink, are Red Hat, Esri and Adobe purchases handled exclusively by the NOAALink contract group and not by the other acquisition offices?

What is the contracting office code for NOAALink?

Will object class codes be the same in FY17 as in FY16?

What are the NOAALink Acquisition Cutoff Dates?

Task Management

How do I submit requests for Administrative Modifications (MODs)?

What information is required to exercise an option on a task order?

How do I enter deobligation values in C.Request?

Are we using Contractor Performance Assessment and Reporting System (CPARS)?

Can customers look at past CPARS data? Contractor pricing?

Is there additional documentation required for a requisition to deobligate funds at task closeout?

How do I extend the period of performance (POP) of a task order?

What are task manager responbilities when a member of the contractor staff leaves a task order?

Roles and Responsibilities

Who has authority to process NOAALink acquisitions?

Who are the NOAALink Contracting Officers (COs)?

Who are the NOAALink Contracting Officer Representatives (CORs)?

What is the Acquisition and Grants Office (AGO) Strategic Sourcing Acquisition Division (SSAD)?

Who has authority to sign the IT Compliance in Acquisitions Checklist (IT Security Checklist) as the Cognizant OCIO Point of Contact under question 5A?

Is the NOAALink Task Manager the same as the current task monitor?

What are the certification requirements for Task Managers?

Who will review the contractor timesheets?

Who will approve invoices?

Who will sign and route invoices to Finance?


How does the 3% NOAALink surcharge work?

Why do I have to pay the 3% service fee to use NOAALink?

If a requisition is deemed not to require NOAALink assistance, is a fee assessed?

With the introduction of AGO's Acquisition Fee for Service starting in FY17, will we be charged the NOAALink fee and the AGO fee for service?

NOAALink recently indicated that the separate CLIN for the 3% NOAALink fee is no longer required in C.Request. How should requestors, reviewers, and approvers track the fee and ensure it is funded as part of the requisition?

How soon after award is the NOAALink fee applied?


How will task orders be structured to promote enterprise solutions? Mods, options, etc.

The limited set of bidders and the short turn-around time on bids has been resulting in sub-par proposals and marginal performance from the contractors. What can Task Managers do to address these?

Please clarify the difference between T&M and Labor Hour contracts. If there is no travel, training or materials, should it be a labor hour contract? Wouldn't this require a labor hour D&F and not a T&M D&F?

Can I request an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract type under NOAALink for my IT requirements?

If travel is estimated for 5 trips to Seattle (example) and only 4 occur, is it possible to roll the unused travel funds back into the general labor CLIN?

On the travel, are you saying that each individual trip is a CLIN? Or is travel a separate CLIN with a separate ceiling?

How do I account for optional labor categories in my acquisition documents?

Can special qualifications such as experience and education for contract personnel be included in my Performance Work Statement (PWS)?

On Time and Materials (T&M) task orders, why does NOAALink use separate CLINs for labor and non-labor (including travel, training, etc.)?

For incrementally funded contracts or task orders, is a contract ceiling established at the time of award?


How does a company become a NOAALink core contractor?

Who won the 8(a) and SB awards?

What if a contractor is not getting any work, can they protest?

If contractors are not performing, how will we discontinue to contract? recompete? at what point?

What percentage of work on a NOAALink contract can be done by a subcontractor?

Contractors are contacting CIOs and their staff. What is the policy surrounding contractor communication?