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Contract Awards

Strategic Management Services
ST1330-14-BU-0002 The Ambit Group, LLC: Website; Email

8(a) Contract Awards
DG133W-10-CQ-0021 E&E Enterprises Global: Website; Email
DG133W-10-CQ-0026 Ace Info Solutions: Website; Email
DG133W-10-CQ-0027 ActioNet: Website; Email
DG133W-10-CQ-0028 CyberData: Website; Email
DG133W-10-CQ-0036 Aster Engineering: Website

Small Business Contract Awards
DG133W-10-CQ-0040 Caelum Research Corp.: Website; Email
DG133W-10-CQ-0041 2020 Company LLC: Website; Email
DG133W-10-CQ-0042 Earth Resources Technology, Inc.: Website; Email
DG133W-10-CQ-0049 Systems Integration & Development, Inc.: Website; Email
DG133W-10-CQ-0050 Think Tank, Inc.: Website; Email
ST1330-17-CQ-0023 TekSynap (formerly Synaptek Corp.): Website; Email
ST1330-17-CQ-0024 GAMA-1 Technologies: Website; Email
ST1330-17-CQ-0025 Reston Consulting Group, Inc.: Website; Email
ST1330-17-CQ-0026 SM Resources Corp.: Website; Email

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NOAALink Contracting Approach

Goal 1: Establish secure, enterprise-wide IT standardized solutions
Goal 2: Enable the NOAA mission
Goal 3: Maximize agility and innovation in IT service delivery
Goal 4: Deliver cost-effective IT solutions
Goal 5: Foster strategic partnerships
Goal 6: Create effective IT governance

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is constantly adopting improved means to manage and deliver data and information to citizens and businesses in the areas of weather and water forecasts, search and rescue, climate change, environmental images, coastal maps, and ecosystems management. NOAA''s current IT environment, contracting, and governance practices, however, limits the organization's ability to readily leverage economies of scale and provide end-to-end visibility into IT operations.

To meet this challenge, the NOAA Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) and Line Office OCIOs work closely with business partners throughout NOAA, the Department of Commerce, other government agencies, and industry to ensure the use of leading-edge technology to better meet these needs and resulting implications for national security. Additionally, a new contract vehicle will enable the IT organizations at NOAA to partner with industry with the goal of acquiring a broad range of cost-effective, enterprise-wide IT solutions to improve IT service delivery and support.