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Welcome to NOAALink! We look forward to working with you.

Dear vendors,

The NOAALink Program would like to remind you that any updates about our upcoming actions and their timelines will be communicated via this website and These are the only website that contain official information about our pre-acquisition activities.

We were informed by several interested vendors that procurement-related websites not federally supported or endorsed estimate our timelines based on their own assumptions. While NOAALink respects your choice to use these websites, we would like to remind you that the NOAALink website and are the only official websites for all of our activities. NOAALink plans to give industry proper preparation time for any posted action.

Please note the following status:

These timelines are subject to change and any updates will be communicated on the NOAALink website.

NOAA Badging and CAC Procedures: Task Managers and Contractors should use this checklist to assist with NOAA badging responsibilities.

For important forms and templates click NOAALink Contractor Documents

Executive Industry Council Meeting slides: 10/17/2019 New!

U.S. Department of Commerce 'America is Open for Business' Strategic Plan

IDP Overview: General introduction to the NOAA Integrated Dissemination Program (IDP)

NOAALink core awards for fiscal year 2012; 2013; 2014; 2015; 2016; 2017 2018

Upcoming requirements

Below are upcoming NOAALink Enterprise Initiatives that may be issued for bid. The information below is provided as a preview in order for you to (1) update your website with your current capabilities and (2) prepare to respond expeditiously if and when a solicitation is issued. Please note that this notification is not a guarantee that the requirement(s) will be issued for bid.

NOAALink Service Requirements

Current SMS Requirements