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NOTICE: The online NOAALink Worksheet will be unvailable while we make updates to the system. A PDF version of the NOAALink Worksheet should be used in the interim.

Except for the requirements listed in the table below, NOAALink is mandatory for all NOAA IT requirements and is available to other Department of Commerce agencies for their IT requirements. How to know your project is right for NOAALink.

Is Your Requirement . . .
Less than $3,500? Micro-purchases are not processed by NOAALink unless they are subject to Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) review
Printers, Copiers, or Supplies? Items considered office supplies by GSA, including computer media, USB devices, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), are not processed by NOAALink
PCs or Accessories? Use the Department of Commerce PCs and Accessories Portal
Non-capitalized Equipment Non-capitalized equipment purchases under Object Class Code 31-20-00-00 such as monitors, graphic tablets, hand-held scanners, digital cameras, video cameras, televisions, and projectors are not processed by NOAALink
Wireless Services? Purchases of wireless services use Department of Commerce BPAs and are not processed by NOAALink
Telecommunications/Internet Services? GSA Networx and GSA Regional and Local Services purchases are coordinated through your Designated Agency Representative (DAR)
High Performance Computing (HPC)? HPC purchases are not processed by NOAALink
Antenna? Purchases of antenna equipment are not processed by NOAALink
Subscription Services? Purchases for access to research reports, news services, resource databases, etc. are not processed by NOAALink

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and Approvals

Enterprise-wide agreements for the following products and services simplify the procurement process and provide economies of scale. To help you take advantage of these purchasing agreements, click the links below for NOAALink-specific steps.


We’ve simplified the NOAALink-specific process in C.Request. You should continue to add ‘11’ as the last two digits of your standard object class code (i.e. xx-xx-xx-11). The ‘11’ added to the Object Class Code is the mechanism by which the financial system assesses the NOAALink fee. You should no longer add the CLIN for the NOAALink fee with the object class 77-11-00-00.

Previously, the NOAALink Program Office removed the 3% fee line item for the requestor. This was done because the 3% line item corrupts the award and this line item cannot be removed by AGO. However, with the implementation of the new rules from the revised Acquisition Alert "NOAA Internal Control for Funding Approval, Certification and Obligation" issued in February, the NOAALink Program Office no longer has this capability.

The requestor should work with their financial, budget and approving officials to both track and communicate the total cost of the requisition, including the 3% NOAALink fee.

If your requisition is approved for processing by a field delegate, you should not add ‘11’ as the last two digits of your standard object class code (i.e. xx-xx-xx-11). No fee is assessed when field delegates process requisitions.