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NOTICE: The online NOAALink Worksheet will be unvailable while we make updates to the system. A PDF version of the NOAALink Worksheet should be used in the interim.

NOAALink is an innovative and strategic IT infrastructure planning and acquisition process offering NOAA's IT organizations a broad range of cost-effective, enterprise-wide IT solutions, while improving IT service delivery and meeting NOAA's technology, contracting, and financial goals.


Be Prepared with NOAALink Training New!

Whether you are new to the NOAALink acquisition process or have a sense of it from prior experience, NOAALink training has something for everyone. We cover the steps you need to know – with updated information for the current year – and give you the floor so you can ask specific questions and gain additional insight.

We have posted the training schedule on the NOAALink website. NOAALink training includes Continuing Education Units and we accommodate group training requests for your office and one-on-one training. We offer training covering:

To sign up for NOAALink training sessions or to view training materials, visit the Training page.

2020 Acquisition Cutoff Dates Apply to NOAALink Requirements New!

In order to meet fiscal year 2020 acquisition deadlines, you must route your requisition in C.Request to the NOAALink Program Office (NPO) at least five (5) business days prior to the acquisition cutoff dates published on the AGO website (requires NOAA network access). NPO will approve requisitions according to our established process; however, your acquisition office may return C.Requests if a late acquisition memo is required. See the AGO FY20 Late Acquisition and Grants Request Memorandum at the link above for more information.

The timing of your requisition must also be compliant with Procurement Administrative Lead Time (PALT). PALT is set forth in the Commerce Acquisition Manual Section 1307.1, Appendix C and should be considered in the context of the cutoff dates.

Until an acquisition strategy is determined by AGO (i.e., core contract award, GSA order, GWAC, stand-alone negotiated contract, etc.), all NOAALink customers must assume the earliest relevant cutoff date applies.

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