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NOAALink is an innovative and strategic IT infrastructure planning and acquisition process offering NOAA's IT organizations a broad range of cost-effective, enterprise-wide IT solutions, while improving IT service delivery and meeting NOAA's technology, contracting, and financial goals.


New NOAALink Training for FY14 New!

We are pleased to announce the NOAALink training program has been expanded to now include two new courses focused on developing your Performance Work Statement (PWS), Statement of Objectives (SOO), Statement of Need (SON), and Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE) documents.

For those of you developing acquisition documents and cost estimates, NOAALink’s new training covers how to get started identifying your specific needs, what information should and shouldn’t be included in your documents, and how to create a PWS, SOO, SON, and IGCE.

To sign up for upcoming NOAALink training sessions or to view training materials, please visit the NOAALink Training page.

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