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NOAALink is mandatory for all NOAA IT requirements and is available to other Department of Commerce agencies for their IT requirements. Any requirement that is not classified as a micro-purchase, PCs and accessories, or office equipment must be submitted to NOAALink. See NOAALink Service Areas for more information.

Micro-purchases are aggregated purchases of $3,500 or less. If the total cost for the equipment is under $3,500, it is considered a micro-purchase, and as such, is exempt from being purchased via NOAALink.

Office Equipment
Common office supplies that generally do not have infrastructure applicability are considered office equipment. Examples include copiers, toners, and cartridges. See the GSA website for more guidance on what items are considered office supplies.

Desktops, Laptops and Other Standard Computer Accessories
Desktop and laptop computers in a variety of configurations and other standard computer accessories should be ordered through the Department of Commerce PC and Accessories Acquisition Portal. For more information, visit the DOC website.